Oil Changes in Telluride, CO


Telluride Tire and Auto Service offers top quality oil changes and auto repair services in Telluride, CO that are affordable and may be performed quickly. It is recommended that oil changes occur every 3,000 - 5,000 miles to stop engine wear and keep oil free from particles; for your car's particular mileage always consult your owners

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Fluid Inspection in Telluride, CO


Fluids such as engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, and power steering fluid are very important to inspect and transform on a regular basis. Telluride Tire and Auto Service is your source for quick affordable oil changes, and automotive lubrication and quality auto repair services in Telluride, CO. What they do: Fluids including engine oil,

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Engine Diagnostics in Telluride, CO


Today's vehicles are equipped with highly sophisticated electronic engine control systems. The computer receives information from a network of sensors and switches that tells your ignition, fuel and emission control systems what to do. At the first sign of any engine problems, such as rough running, low fuel economy, failure to pass an emissions

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Driveline Repair in Telluride, CO


Drivelines should be evaluated at the initial sign of a problem. Telluride Tire and Auto Service does quality auto repair services in Telluride, CO. What they do: The driveline of your vehicle takes the power generated by the engine and transforms it into the rotation of the tires, providing the velocity of your vehicle utilizing torque.

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Cooling System Repair in Telluride, CO


Staying up to date with your automobile's cooling system upkeep may be difficult. Thankfully our staff of licensed mechanics specialize in auto repair in Telluride, CO and know ways to get your car in proper working order. Cooling Systems minimize heat temperatures to assist all additional engine components work effectively. Inside your engine, spark plugs ignite

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Brake Repair in Telluride, CO


Automotive Brakes should be examined at least once a year for the safety of your car. Preserving your car's brakes is among the most vital measures you can take. You can have the confidence of knowing that when you press your foot to the brake, your car is coming to a stop. Telluride Tire

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Belts and Hoses in Telluride, CO


Belts may wear and break over time. A belt that becomes worn may slip or also become so slack that it may not function correctly. Hoses may glaze and split after long years of use or when exposed to harsh temperatures. A damaged hose pipe may lead to vital fluids dripping from your engine

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Batteries in Telluride, CO


Telluride Tire and Auto Service has top quality auto repair services in Telluride, CO and batteries which are quickly installed in your car at competitive prices! Your car's battery is vital to start your engine. It also stores energy created by the alternator and runs the secondary electrical systems such as your lights, radio, power seats, power

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Air Conditioning Repair in Telluride, CO


Heating and A/C systems could wear over time with use, appropriate routine maintenance can maintain your automobile cabin temperature for the comfort of you and your passengers. Telluride Tire and Auto Service offers quality Telluride, CO auto repair services and Telluride, CO A/C repair. What they do: Heating and A/C systems function to keep your vehicle cabin warm

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